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Why use an Interior Designer?

Whether you are buying a new build, renovating your existing space or need help with how textures, patterns and colours work together.

Interior Designers have strong knowledge in design styles, how colours work together and most importantly understanding their clients needs. Working with an interior designer is a personal experience. Having a good relationship and open communication is key to both sides being successful.

How do you find the right designer for you?

  • Be clear about the level of service required and what you would like to achieve.

  • Have a budget in mind. Designers are here to work within your budgets and can only do this with a clear budget in mind for the space.

  • Trust your designer! Let them guide you and manage the process for you. Everything has been sourced for a reason, removing elements of the design scheme may potentially change the look of the space. Trust them.

  • Keep the process moving by replying to emails and calls within a few days. This keeps the momentum going and the designer can work to your deadlines.

A couple of myth busters...

  • Interior Designers are expensive... No

  • Bespoke pieces are more expensive than in-store purchases - No

  • Interior Designers only advice you based on their styles and tastes - No

At Lauren Rose Interior Design we pride ourselves in making Interior Design accessible to anyone. We work to all budgets, helping you save money in areas that you didn't think was possible.

We want to make design affordable and exciting for everyone.

07377 814613

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