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How to incorporate stylish photography and artwork into your home interior.

Top tips from Lauren Rose Interior Design.

Gallery Wall Dining Room Project
Many of my clients are keen on incorporating their artwork, family photos or showcasing memories taken on their travels into their home interior design. After all, it’s those little details that make a house a home!
If you would like to include large pieces of photography or art in your next home interior scheme, make sure you communicate this to your interior designer early in the consultation process, so they can bare this in mind when sourcing the right furniture pieces and accessories for you.
I’ve put together my 3 top tips on how you can display your photographs and imagery into your home in a stylish way:
1. Stick to a theme

If you have lots of photographs and are not sure where to start, my advice would be to firstly start by grouping the images into themes. You could organise them by size, colour or categories, for example, black and white photos, blue toned photos etc. Then, source identical frames that will work with the space you are working in and will provide a perfect contrast to the groups of images you have put together.
2. Size matters
Before incorporating artwork into your home interior, you should consider how much of a focal point you would like it to be. For example, do you want to be instantly drawn to the image when you firstly walk into the room? Larger and more abstract photography can work very well as a focal point and can be a great source of inspiration for your interior designer when pulling together a design concept for you. For smaller, or more sentimental photographs and artwork, you may want to make use of smaller more personal spaces, such as a bedside table, or on a side table next to your favourite place to cosy up.
Gallery Wall - Sitting Room Project

3. It’s all about the frames
Making sure you choose the right colour, size and quality of the photo frame will help you to create a beautifully curated gallery wall. For example, sleek black frame with a white mount will give a timeless finish and is a perfect contrast to a neutral backdrop. An interior designer will be able to source beautiful standout frames for you that perfectly complement your photography pieces and home.

Lauren Rose Interior Design is based in the Royal Arcade in Norwich city centre and offers a range of services from residential and commercial interior design and home staging to bespoke kitchens and bathroom design and installation.

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