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What you will find in my home, as an Interior Designer


As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with cushions. They are a fabulous way to bring some colour, texture and interest to a room without spending £1,000s! Here are a few example of cushions that I love. If you are going to invest in cushions, make sure they have feather inners as they are fuller and plump better to create a more luxurious feel.


Candles, diffusers, wax melts, you'll find them everywhere in my home! I have a great relationship with a local candle maker and have them in most of my rooms and in my showroom. My favourite scent has to be 'Bora Bora' or 'Avo and Lemongrass' gorgeously made in the Geo Candle Jars for a more design led look.

You can buy them through Lauren Rose Interior Design in the Geo Jars or tumbler jars online @ Candles | Moon Vine


White bedding is all you need! As I mentioned above cushions will give you the colour and fun in the room, keep to white bedding to create the hotel feel. I always buy 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton. My favourite place to buy bedding is Next Home.

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